Resident & Family Councils

Residents’ Council


The Resident Council is made up of and represents all of the residents in our Home. The Council serves as a vehicle through which residents maintain a degree of control over their lives, share in the management of the Home and thereby contribute to the welfare of all involved.

The Council meets on a regular basis. During these meetings residents can voice their concerns or address any other issues. This forum allows residents the opportunity to network, share information and keep abreast of any new or upcoming changes happening in the Home.

Residents’ Council meets on the third Wednesday of every month at 10:00am in the Main Dining Room on the 1st floor. Meeting minutes are available on the Residents Council Board.

For further information regarding Residents’ Council, visit the Ontario Association of Residents’ Councils website:

Visit OARC Website



Family Council

Family Councils in Long-Term Care

This is a wonderful opportunity for families/friends to meet in a relaxed atmosphere to discuss issues related to having a loved one in the Home. The Family Council is an organized, self-led group with the Social Services Coordinator providing support and guidance. The Family Council provides mutual support, advocacy, educational programs, activity sponsorship and offers the chance to give feedback to the Home. We invite and encourage participation in our Family Council!

Meeting notices are communicated to all families and are posted on the Family Council Board along with the minutes from the previous meeting.

For further information regarding Family Council, visit the Ontario Family Councils’ Program website:

Visit Ontario Family Councils Website