Specialized Services

nurses review documentationOur Nursing team believes in providing high quality care in order to meet the residents’ physical, social, emotional, intellectual, cultural and spiritual needs. We are committed to assist each resident in realizing his/her maximum potential. Interdisciplinary programs are developed to meet residents’ strengths, risks, needs and preferences using both in-house and community resources. We actively provide ongoing training and educational programs to our team members, which will enhance personal and professional growth, recognizing that each team member is an important contributor to the resident care team. This assists us to achieve our goal of providing a resident-centred approach to care.

Skin Care and Wound Management Program:

Our Skin Care and Wound Management Program has been designed to provide the residents with services by an interdisciplinary care team with clinical knowledge and the tools to effectively assess, manage and evaluate skin condition.

Falls Prevention Program:

Our Falls Prevention Program has been designed to effectively assess contributing factors that may place a resident at risk for a fall. The program identifies strategies aimed at the prevention or reduction of falls. It evaluates the effectiveness of each resident’s specific falls program. We have adapted the acronym FALLS to guide our program;Fall, Assessment, Long Term Actions, Learning and Safety.

Responsive Behaviour Program:

Our Responsive Behaviour Program is based on delivering a holistic person-centered approach to care for residents who express unmet needs in response or reaction to external stimuli. The program uses a combination of approaches to address the well-being of the resident that in turn, will minimize distressed active expressions.  We also utilize supports such as in-house Behavioural Support Teams or those provided by the Ontario Health atHome to enhance our care delivery practices.

Continence Management Program:

Our Continence Management Program is designed to effectively assess, manage/maintain and evaluate each resident’s level of continence employing clinical knowledge and tools. This support includes our continence product supplier who works in partnership with team members utilizing a restorative approach to allow maximum dignity and comfort for each resident.

Palliative/End of Life Care Program:

Our Palliative/End of Life Care Program has been designed to provide holistic palliative/end of life care to our residents and families. Our interdisciplinary care team’s philosophy focuses on providing maximum levels of comfort, pain and symptom management and support to the resident and family to ensure quality of life is maximized during this difficult time.